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My purpose, Mahatma Gandhi writes of this book, is to describe experiments in the science of Satyagraha, not to say how good I am. Satyagraha, Gandhis nonviolent protest movement, came to stand, like its creator, as a moral principle and a rallying cry; the principle was truth and the cry freedom. The life of Gandhi has given fire and fiber to freedom fighters. Yet Gandhi writes: Often the title [Mahatma, Great Soul] has deeply pained me. . . . But I should certainly like to narrate my experiments in the spiritual field which are known only to myself, and from which I have derived such power as I possess for working in the political field. Who was Gandhi?, the time is proper to listen to Gandhi himself — in his own words, his own confessions, his autobiography.

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Orwell: “Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proven innocent.” Gandhi may be a saint, but he is one fussy holy man. His autobiography only takes us to 1927, before the campaign to free India of British rule. He had become famous for leading a civil rights movement for Indians in South Africa where he lived for years before taking the “satyagraha” movement back to India. On the way, he is a young anglophile who admires the Empire, studies law in London and sides with the colonial powers during the Boer wars and WWI. The autobio is important because it narrates his “experiments” in diet, fasting, simple living, and back-to-the-land projects. He falls in with all sorts of vegetarian quacks in Victorian London and learns about world religions, including his own, from Western sources: Max Muller, Tolstoy, Ruskin, and Madame Blavatsky! We find a Gandhi who is as cruel and controlling to his wife and children as he is kind and subordinate to strangers, the poor and the sick.

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** spoiler alert ** Caution: This is my view about Gandhi after reading his book. During childhood(may be age also matters- I read it when I was 15) I read Malayalam version of it given by one of my friend who got this book as a gift.This review its strictly my own understanding of him, and has nothing to do with the way others understands & respects him. May be I have done terrific mistake by not understanding him the way all of you had.This is not to impose or sling anything on Mr.Gandhi and your exalted view of him.

Its my fault, my fault and my own fault..

06.02.15: I will not be defending my views now on by replying comment
s posted below this thread (I think I have already done it with all my might).
Happy reading folks..Cheers & GD Luck

Gandhi..called as Mahatma??? A self deceiver can be called as Mahatma?? I call him self deceiver only because of his rules and regulations which was maintained or still maintaining in his ashram..

He calls Gita his mother!!then what about Quran or Bible?? What about Buddhist scriptures?? And there are still people who goes on calling these people as Mahatmas???People like him were always against rebels..I calls him traditional..the very stupid mediocre mind of vedic period..and this so called Mahatmas have been curse of India..very own root curse..They goes on telling about simplicity..or shows simplicity..See there are millions in India whom cant even wear a dhoty Gandhi used to wear..there are millions again who cant even think about one time food..there are again thousands who eat their daily bread by cleaning toilets..but when all of this were done by a Gandhi..he is Mahatma!!

Thats why I calls them self deceivers..just giving poor people a feeling that they are doing much for them..very much so that they dont feel any inferiority complex. Just other day I read an article written buy an American saying that even beggars in India are content and happy but America is so tensed.. This has been the slogan of all leaders of India..India is spiritual so it is content and happy..This is called a mediocre mind..Beggars in India are happy because they have a hope for better future..better tomorrow and America is unhappy because they have known all things of life..money..power..fame..I met a man during my tour to Rishikesh who stays there for nearly last five years practicing Sadhana..and he says nothing fails like success..its just a mirage for a desert traveler.But to realize that one has to taste it..then come out of it..without knowing what is success or money..or fame how you can lead a life against it.

This type of people have great visions for nourishing villages; and strange enough we Indians follow these principles and nothing happened..Its sinking deep and deep.

India can win only if people get out of the clutches of these kind of people..parasites..blood suckers..It needs a revolution both spiritual and material.. It needs a revolution which is both religious and scientific..It needs revolution of Capitalism and birth control..Capitalism in my sense is freedom for every individual out of dogmas of religion..caste..all which is oppressive and repressive.

People like Gandhi were against this type of revolutions..he is spiritual in @Indian sense@ but not materialist..He is religious again @in so called Indian sense@..but not scientific..and always We Indians have there own way of approaching things..and result was of @CONTINUOUS SLAVERYOF 2000 YEARS@..and of course we have a great name for it@HOSPITALITY@..

When India can wake from its stupid safeties of Caste..Religion..then only it have future..or again there will be Mahatmas to dig grave for India..

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This is the first post I am writing on my blog where I want to write about the books that I have read and how they have changed my life or sometimes just given me moments of happiness in otherwise stressed life.
There cannot be a better book than “My Experiments with Truth” to start this journey. A book that helped me 20 years ago when I had read it for the first time and now again when I read it last month. The author of the book “Mahatma Gandhi” is probably one person whom I have admired more than anybody else. There have been many other people whom I have admired and looked up to but then all of them have failed in my eyes at some time or other but not Mahatma Gandhi. This does not mean that he has not made mistakes in life. There are parts of his biography where I do not agree with him, where he has made mistakes. But at no point I find him going against his conviction. He is always the first to admit his mistakes. His whole character has an integrity which is flawless. He is doing what he is preaching and he is preaching only what he firmly believes in. There are no two faces to him.
The book which is his autobiography brings out this aspect in such an inspiring way that you feel wonder at his frankness.
Last time when I read his book, I was at a stage in life where my confidence was at all time low. I was shy, introvert, could not speak in groups. I used to feel that all my friends are much ahead of me in life and I have lost all hope in life and I will never be able to catch up with them in the race of life and I was 16 years old. I guess lot of people at that stage suffer from this. The life when it is just starting looks as ending already. This book brought in me that confidence and faith which I needed at that time. The fact that the person who being a lawyer could not speak facing a judge could move 30 crore Indians with his speach later in life told me that life is not over for me. What is important is to follow your convictions and desires and the results will come out some day. I have seen this change happenning in me over the years. I have found that in the end it is my faith and conviction which has seen me through the darkest times.
I know there are lot of people out there who do not agree for what he has written in this book and in fact criticize him for his experiments on education, medicine, celibacy, religion, freedom struggle. But he still did those experiments with courage that is unparallel. He was the biggest scientist in that sense doing his experiments. Many of his experiments did not give results. But who says that a person has to be right all the time. Yes, he must have failed and in some cases even if he succeeded there were no followers for those results but that is what makes him a human being, a scientist. He is not saying that he is telling sacred words which have to be followed like words of God. All he is telling is about his experiments. The idea that they are experiments mean that they can be wrong or may not give results. But the fact remains Satya and Ahimsa did bear the results for India and its people.
In the end, I would say it is a great book by a great human being and I thank him for giving us this gift.
Till next time

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Self-revealing and fascinating to read alongside Erik Eriksons at-a-distance psychoanalysis of the saint, Gandhis Truth (1960). The autobiography is full of surprises: At one point in his youth, Gandhi became convinced that India was behind the times because of vegetarianism, so he vowed to convert all of his homeland to carnivorious wisdom. Perhaps the only vow he did not keep.

Would that his teachings on non-violent resistance (satyagraha) were more widely applied. Detractors argue, however, that this strategy could really work only in India, where it appeals to such deeply ingrained cultural foundations as Patanjalis ahimsa (non-violence), itself a Hindu appropriation of a Jainist principle.

If, for a just cause, one goes on a hunger strike in India, one is appealing to a long tradition of fasting associated with saintlyness and right action. In some other cultures, where those associations do not exist, nobody would much notice or care.

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Extremely interesting view of the growth and spiritual development of one of the most illuminating figures of the last century. Covers a wide variety of topics. A shame that it only ends in the 1920s (but what autobiography could ever be called complete?), but it is still a fascinating portrait of the man.

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